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Medgar Evers College Advisement center also known as the Student Advocacy and Support Services (SASS) Center was created based on an intentional institutional intervention strategy to promote student success and retention.  The SASS Center is in a centralized location where students can receive academic advisement and assistance towards their education and career goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Medgar Evers College Student Advocacy & Support Services (SASS) Center is to advocate for students on campus and to assist, motivate and empower students for self-development and self-actualization. The SASS Center aims to reinforce, throughout the College, the importance of academic advisement and counseling services; to improve the consistency of information students receive, especially when academic policies change; to permit students to obtain easier access to existing department information; to provide a central location where individuals may receive training on how to properly advise students; and to act as a key resource in student success and retention.


The student Advocacy and Support Services Center (SASSC) now offers on-line advisement to all of MEC's continuing student with 30+ credits.

It's as easy as 1,2,3! Simply email your questions to and an Academic Advisor will respond within 24 - 48 hours (except on weekends).

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