Film, Television and Radio

Medgar Evers College Office of Television and Radio Studios(TVR) proudly serves our students, faculty, staff and external college community.  The office of TVR provides students with hands-on experience in both studio and field production.  Students learn how to operate video cameras, audio boards, production lighting, audio recordings, produce programs, edit on non-linear systems, among others.  TVR also work with faculty, staff, and the college external community to foster relationships by providing services such as audio recording, duplication, videotaping, editing and production training.

The television studio is a professional three-camera black-box production facility, measuring 23’ 3" L x 19’ 9" W x 15’ H" and includes a Final Cut Pro editing suite. Students gain practical experience working on original produced college programs and various college-wide events such as graduation, convocation and the national black writers conference.

The radio studio has one control room, a production room and a broadcast room. The radio studio broadcasts four hours of original programming, such as sports, news, and talk and music weekly over BCAT.   The radio studio also broadcasts for two hours on Sundays on WNYE 91.5FM.  The office of TVR is currently developing our capability for online streaming of all radio programs.