Contribute to Your Legacy

There are many ways you can contribute to your legacy at Medgar Evers College. By becoming a member of the MEC Alumni Affairs Association you are supporting the quality numerous programs and services that Medgar Evers College offers to its students and alumni:

Alumni Career Services Center

Comprehensive career services—including self-assessment, career options, job search, graduate school advising and executive coaching—are offered to all alumni.

Merit Scholarships and Awards

Your contributions will enable MECAAA to establish scholarship funds and other awards that recognize student excellence.

MEC Programs

Donate to a variety of College programs or donate to our Legacy Scholarship Fund.

Medgar Evers Legacy Scholarship:

Once MECAAA receives sufficient funding from alumni donations, this important award will be offered each year to one incoming first-year Legacy Applicant for a Baccalaureate degree at the College and will be renewable for four years of study at the College. The scholarship will select outstanding students who might not otherwise be able to attend the College were it not for winning this award.  Our goal is to grow this fund to be able to offer 5 scholarships of $5,000 per year.

Make a Gift:

Gift a membership to family or friends