When submitting a print request to Reprographics please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Reprographics is not a free service.  Your department will be charged for all printing orders. It is important to keep this in mind when designing your syllabus, curriculum, or any year long projects that will require printing.  For a complete list of products, sizes, and finishing options offered, please refer to the products listed on the Print Shop Pro list.
  • Job turnaround time is based on the printed product requested, ranging from one to three days for exams and syllabi to 10 to 15 days for bound books.
  • Reprographics is closed on weekends and major holidays. For more information on our job turnaround requirements, please refer to our product list. Note: Jobs to Design Services may have their own lead-time requirements.
  • Works submitted to the Reprographics department are subject to the laws of fair use. Please refer to copyright rules and regulations when submitting class material or excerpts from published work, as may some restrictions may apply. Reprographics reserves the right to reject any submissions that may violate the law.
  • Completed print jobs can be picked up at the reprographics office or sent via campus mail to your department’s main office. Please bring faculty/ staff  ID when picking up exams or confidential materials.

Users should use digital files when placing an order.  If users require reproduction of hard-copy materials, Reprographics has a shared computer and scanner that can be used to facilitate the process.


Customers submitting print jobs to Reprographics do so in two ways, depending on the type of printed material requested:

  • Black-and-white jobs such as exams, syllabi, and class handouts are submitted via our Print Shop Pro for instructions on how to use the website, click here.
  • Color jobs such as posters, flyers, letterhead, invitations, business cards, and brochures are subject to the quality control standards of the college. As such, these materials must be submitted to the Design Services department to be designed and/or approved. Upon approval and/or completion of the design, Design Services will submit the job to the Reprographics on the client’s behalf.
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