Evacuation Procedures

Fire Safety At Medgar Evers College

In the event of a fire 

If a fire condition is reported to you or smoke or fire is noticed, follow these procedures:

  • Call 911 and Public Safety 718-270-6003 or Ext. 6003
  • Immediately activate the nearest manual Pull Station
  • Begin instructing people to move towards the exits. If possible notify the Fire Warden or Deputy Fire Warden on your floor
Emergency Procedures
  • When a Fire Alarm sounds, GET OUT! Take fire alarms seriously; always evacuate. Know 2 ways out! (Non-evacuation may result in penalties).
  • Find your nearest exit, not just your most familiar route.
  • Use the stairs when evacuating. Elevators can trap you between floors or open onto the fire floor. Elevators are not an option.
  • If you are trapped and cannot evacuate, Call 911 with your location. Do not jump!
  • Take responsibility for your own safety.
  • Attend all Fire Safety Floor Meetings.
  • Participate in scheduled fire drills.
  • Crawl low under smoke.
  • Fire sprinklers are important safety devices. Do not tamper with them or obstruct them in any way.

Prohibited Items on Campus

  • Candles – Candles are the leading cause of fires. Candles can ignite plastic, wood, cloth, carpet, curtains - anything that can burn.
  • Wall Hangings - can obstruct fire sprinkler heads and add fuel in case of fire.
  • Toaster/ovens - are fire hazards.
  • Incense - hot ash can drop onto cloth or papers causing a fire.
  • Halogen lamps - contain super-hot gas that can quickly ignite.

No Smoking is allowed in any campus buildings!

In the Event of other Emergency 
An announcement will be made by the Public Safety Department.  Always Remember
When you hear an alarm, siren or see flashing strobes lights stay aware and leave the building utilizing the nearest exit. (Do not panic)

Differently Abled should always notify their floor warden or deputy floor warden of where they normally sit.

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