XIII.4.C Mileage Rates

New York State reimburses employees for business use of privately owned automobiles based on the standard mileage allowance established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). By adhering to this allowance, reimbursements for mileage are not taxable to the employee.
Process and Document Preparation:
The IRS website for mileage information is:

Mileage rates are as follows: 
Effective Date Rate
January 1, 2014 0.560
January 1, 2013 0.565
January 1, 2012 0.555
July 1, 2011 0.555
January 1, 2011 0.510
January 1, 2010 0.500

Motorcycle Rates:
The mileage allowance for operating a privately owned motorcycle increased on April 1, 2012 from 48 cents per mile to 52.5 cents per mile.

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