Accounts Payable Department

Message from the Accounts Payable Department 

The Accounts Payable Department processes payments of goods and services purchased by college departments. In addition, we process employee travel and expense reimbursements. Payments are made in accordance with CUNY and New York State regulations and guidelines.
Please browse this page for information regarding the procurement of goods and services, expense reimbursements, and travel reimbursements. If you have any questions, please contact our office.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Accounts Payable Department Staff
Name Telephone email Room
Philippe Brunson
Finance Payment Specialist
718-270-6114 C-200
Grace Oyeamalu
Assistant Director Accounting
718-270-6115 C-200
Jean Patrick Milord
Finance Accountant Assistant
718-270-6119 C-200
The Procurement Process
It is imperative that every department head know his or her budget allocation and follow MEC, CUNY, and NY State policies for ALL orders. Please note that it is a violation of policy for any MEC employee to order from a vendor directly. If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Department as it is the ONLY unit authorized to place an order with a vendor.
Goods and services are ordered by creating a Purchase Requisition in CUNYFirst. The requisition must then be approved by the department head. The approved requisition is forwarded electronically to the Purchasing Department. There, the requisition becomes a Purchase Order.
When goods and services are received by the department, the requester must complete the procurement process as follows:
  1. Scan the packing slip or service documents,
  2. Log on to CUNYFirst to create a Receipt
  3. Create the receipt and upload the scanned file,
  4. Let the Purchasing Department know if there are any damaged, defective, or missing goods.

For Vendors

Vendors should deliver goods or services after obtaining a Purchase Order number
Invoices should include the PO #
Vendor name on the PO must be the same as the name on the invoice
Invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable, not the department
Invoices can be emailed to: