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On February 25, 2002, the CUNY Board of Trustees unanimously adopted a resolution;

 “RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees establish a technology fee of $75 per semester for full-time students and $37.50 per semester for part-time students, effective Fall 2002.  Revenue from this fee will be retained by the colleges to improve computer services for their student and faculty. …”

The fee has been $100 per semester for full-time students and $50 per semester for part time students since 2009.

The directive “to improve computer services” evolved to include, but not be limited to; the acquisition, installation and maintenance of computer systems/networks, wireless networks, internet support, printers, scanners and library services.  Annually, each campus undertakes a process to identify projects and initiatives worthy of funding by Student Technology Fee revenues.

The Student Technology Fee Committee:

A Student Technology Fee Committee (“The Committee”), established by the President, solicits and evaluates project submissions.  Although the size of The Committee may vary from year to year, it is comprised of Faculty, Administration whose primary role is direct student support and Students.  The goal of the College is for The Committee to be constituted of 50% Students and the remaining 50% by selected Faculty and Staff.  Student participation is solicited by the Office of Student Affairs and selected from those candidates who meet academic, leadership and service criteria.  Both full and part-time students are eligible.  


Faculty, sanctioned student groups and staff are encouraged to propose projects that enhance our student experience and quality of education at Medgar Evers College. The proposals are to embrace innovative uses of technology and projects that allow students to further their educational goals in the classroom and beyond.

The submissions are evaluated on the following criteria and quality points awarded for adherence to those criteria.

Evaluation Criteria
Maximum Points Awarded
Benefits students – provides additional student access to technological resources; enhances the quality of the student’s academic experience through the proposed technology; integrates technology into the coursework, enhances faculty use of technology in teaching and learning 40
Demographic Impact – collaboration among the College’s departments and/or schools; number of disciplines and students served 35
Alignment with college-wide Mission, Vision and Values 15
Innovation – creative, outside the box approaches and solutions which effect students, curriculum and/or research, etc. 10
Maximum Allowable Point 100

The President approves the submission which goes to the University for ultimate approval.

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