Printing Policy

Medgar Evers College’s Information Technology offices provide copying and printing services (as well as providing printing supplies) through Pharos Print Services in the Charles Evans Inniss Memorial Library and the Academic Computing Labs to support academic work. To discourage waste and to offset some of the costs of copying and printing, Medgar Evers College students will be given a certain amount of free photocopies and printed copies at the beginning of each semester.

Pharos Print Program for students will function under the following guidelines:

  • The cost per page will be $0.10 for black and white printing.
  • The cost per page remains $0.10 for black and white copies.
  •  The cost per page will be $0.30 for colored printing.
  • The cost per page will be $0.30 for colored copies.

The students will use their MEC accounts for all copying and printing. All registered students automatically will receive a determined free balance every semester. The free balance will be added to the MEC account in September for the fall and February for the spring.

Visitors and guests of the college who have access to the Library and need to use the College’s copiers or printers can create a guest account at the Print Services website.

Students requiring more than their free balance amount for printing may add additional money to their accounts to cover the excess at any of the payment kiosks located on campus or online at the Print Services website.

Unused free print balances will not be carried over to the next semester or year. All unused print credit will be cleared from all accounts at the end of each semester. Any additional funds added to a student’s MEC account actual balance will remain in the user’s accounts. Any credits to a student’s free balance resulting from copier and/or printer failure (defined below) and such credits will carry forward to the next semester.

Print Procedures

  • All printing will be single-sided and black and white, you also have the option of printing in color or duplex.
  • Printing inappropriate material, as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy, is strictly prohibited.
  • For non-academic printing, such as the mass production of club flyers, newsletters, or posters, please use the College’s Reprographics Center.
  • Reprints and Credits:

Users are responsible for assuring print requests are accurate. If a user accidentally prints the wrong document, or realizes after the fact that it contains, errors, that cost will be deducted from his or her account without exception.

If the copy and print job is low quality (streaks, smears, uneven toner), or the print is garbled or the printer jams, the user may take the following steps to get a credit or a reprint for a print job. Under no condition will a user be eligible for cash refund. If a credit is necessary, it will be given through the Managed Copy and Print System.

Reprints and Credits Procedures:

  • During Business Hours (Monday through Friday, during normal hours of operation)
  • Locate the staff person on duty. They will have the account to release/reprint your file or instruct you as to how to obtain credit on your MEC account.
  • During Off-Hours (After 5 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday)
  • Fill out a MEC COPY AND PRINT CREDIT REQUEST FORM within 12 hours of the printout.
  • Attach the complete print job or explanation of print failure including time, date, and location.
  • Turn it into the Reference Desk at the Library or the Academic Computing Laboratory Office
  • You will be notified as to the status of your request. If your request has been granted, your account will be credited by the first of the subsequent month. (Note: staff members cannot issue copy and print credits or cash for failed and unsatisfactory copy and print jobs).
  • Copy and print credits will not be given for non-copier/non-printer errors, such as blank pages at the end of a document, jobs that you changed your mind about, printing the wrong document, or spelling mistakes.
  • All users are responsible for their own accounts. Neither the college, Academic Computing nor the Library staff is responsible if someone else has printed from a user account. Contact the Security Office immediately, if you have lost or misplaced your MEC I.D. Card.

Please report any printer problems immediately to the staff or librarian on duty.

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