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Pharos Print Services is the new print management system at Medgar Evers College. Pharos Print services is now operational and available in the Academic Computing Labs and in the Library.

What is new is the addition of a system to manage printed pages with the provision of limited number of free print pages:

The Pharos Print Service system assigns each student a password protected online account. By default, each student’s username is their Firstname.Lastname, and the password is MEC@8503 (2-digit year, 2-digit month of your date of birth).

Pharos Print Service payment kiosks located in the Academic Computing Labs, and in the Library. Other active locations will be available in the future. 

In light of our budget constraints, the college must offset the cost of copying and printing to our students while we provide a benefit to our students.  Medgar Evers College will provide students with a Free Balance equal to $30.00 in total free print pages. This means students can print out 300 pages for free.

Once students exhaust their free printed pages, they can add more funds to their Pharos Print Service account by signing on the MEC Managed Copy and Print Service payment kiosks. The cost for a printed page will be $.10 for a black and white print and $.30 for color printing.

Unused free balance credits will not be carried forward to the following semester. The credit will be added to student accounts during the first week of the fall and spring semesters. Credit balances will not be allocated for winter and summer sessions. Any unused free balance credit will be cleared from student accounts after the last week of the semester.

Excess free printing balances funds that have been added to a user’s account will be credited in the case of a printer failure and such credits will carry forward to the subsequent academic year. In case of such a printer failure, please inform the Library or Academic Computer Staff.

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