Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a greeting message on my phone?

How do I transfer a call to another number?

How do I setup a conference call?

A greeting is the message that callers will hear if they are not able to reach you—Much like a private answering machine at home. The Meridian voicemail system allows for more than one greeting. You can have one for external callers (those from outside the MEC system) and another for internal callers (those within the MEC system).  The greeting for external callers can say--“You have reached _____; I am either on my phone or away for my desk at the moment. Please leave a message and I will get back to you.”  For the internal callers you may want them to know where you are, “I am in a meeting, I am out to lunch, etc.”

Having decided on the external and/or internal greeting you will now have to login to the voice mail system and record the greeting. Everyone at Medgar Evers College must have an external greeting! Greetings should be updated on a regular basis.

Step One: Dial the appropriate number to login into the voicemail system. 

For Bedford Ave and Carroll Street—5186

For Metro Tech—6990.

Step Two: Once you login with your mailbox number (your 4 digit extension) and password, you will hear the voicemail system greeting, press the number 8 and then 2.

Step Three: You will be prompted to press 1 for external of 2 for internal greetings.  Ignore the prompt for a backup greeting.

Step Four: To record your personal greeting, press the number 5To stop the recordingpress the pound sign (#).

To review your recordings press the number 2. If you are unsatisfied, you can delete it bypressing 7, then 6. If you are satisfied with it you can press the number 4 to exit this task.

If someone calls your line incorrectly, or you have to pass them along to another individual, just follow the steps below:

Step One: Press the Transfer Key; this will put the other party on hold. You will hear a dial tone.

Step Two: Dial the number of the person you want to transfer to.

Step Three: At this point you can either a) press the transfer key when you hear the ring, or b) you can wait until the person answers and have a private conversation and then transfer the call.

** If you only want to transfer the call when someone answers, and no one does, you can press the line that you placed on hold and speak with the calling party again.

The conference call feature is a very useful tool we have available to us here at Medgar Evers College.  You can set up a call for up to six people, including yourself.  Contact your Telephone System Administrator to find out the maximum number of people you can have on the system.

Step One: While you are on a call, press the Conference Key.  This will put the other person on hold. You will hear a dial tone.

Step Two: At the dial tone dial the next number to be added to the call. When the person answers you may speak in private before adding them if you wish.

Step Three: Press the Conference Key to add this person.

You may repeat steps Two and Three until you have added everyone to the call.

** If the person you are adding is not available you can press the Rls (Release) key and they can then press the line that has the call on it to join your conference when their schedule allows.