What is CUNYfirst Procurement?

  • All requisitions, purchase orders and vouchers (payments) will be processed via CUNYfirst with approvals for these processes enforced by system workflows
  • The CUNYfirst system will validate budget availability, at every step in the  procurement process
  • No self-approvals will be allowed for any CUNYfirst transactions Segregation of duties will be enforced through role assignments
  • No approvals by subordinates will be permitted
  • Receipts will be required prior to payment and enforced by the system

If you need to be trained, go to and Claim Your Account  User training starts June 10, 2013 for persons assigned to use the system by their supervisors

Training Highlights

  • Overview of CUNY and State procurement guidelines
  • How to use the CUNYfirst procurement module for processing requisitions and  acknowledging receipt of goods and services
  • Understanding that segregation of duties will be controlled through role assignments and ensuring these roles are correctly assigned in the system

Procurement System Schedule

Purchasing Guidelines


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