CUNYfirst Security Access Procedure


Guidelines for Procurement Launch

Guidelines for Requesting CUNYfirst Application Security Access

  • CUNYfirst Access forms are located on URL  -> Information Security -> CUNYfirst Application Security
  • Forms should never be copied or kept on your desktop for duplication; updated forms will always reside at the above URL.
  • CUNYfirst users that require access to the CUNYfirst application must fill out the appropriate form, with the necessary approval signatures.  
  • All CUNYfirst access forms are to be processed by the local campus Help Desk (  A user should never send an access form directly to the Application Security Liaison (ASL). Forms should be processed by the Help Desk/Service Desk at the local campus.
  • Your Application Security Liaison (ASL) will not be able to provide information regarding a role that you may need.
  • Users that are unsure of what security access/role is needed for their job should seek out the Subject Matter Expert, in the case of Procurement , that is Goldene Lewis or the business owner of the application on campus to review security roles that are appropriate for them.
  • If the Subject Matter Expert (SME) or the business owners of the application on campus are unsure of the roles/access needed for their employees, they should reach out to the CIS Functional groups for guidance.  Your Application Security Liaison (ASL) will not be able to provide the information.
  • Your Application Security Liaison (ASL) will process CUNYfirst Access request forms that were completed, approved and logged in a CRM case. Forms that are not completed properly with the correct roles selected and do not have the appropriate approvals will not be processed.
  • Your Application Security Liaison Lead , Selma Cunningham ( or Lenny Williams (  (can assist you with information regarding who approvers are for your campus.