Risk Management and Internal Controls

Mission of Risk Management and Internal Controls

The primary mission of the department is to identify and mitigate operational risks. The department also has responsibility for certain ongoing risk management initiatives such as MEC’s business continuity programs.

 The department administers many of the college’s relations with external audit bodies as well as conducting our own targeted assessments.

Our department functions as a consulting center, especially for issues identified through its risk management and audit activities. The department will also at times provide operational support to areas experiencing staffing turnover or change in management and/or challenges in planning succession.

Message from Executive Director

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors expect our campus to operate efficiently, in compliance with regulations, and safely deliver the educational experience for our students and all other stakeholders.

We are committed to avoiding financial and reputational losses that may arise due to improper procedures, lack of training, preparedness and/ or inadequate controls.  The Department also seeks to reduce operating costs by identifying opportunities for improving operational efficiency. 

We welcome the sharing of any observations related to risk identification or operational efficiency that our many stakeholders may have.

On behalf of our team and our many partners, we thank you for allowing us to join you on your Medgar Evers journey.

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