Procedure for Office Move

In order to expedite the process for any office move, please use the Office Move Request Form which is designed to help ensure that transitions are accomplished in the most efficient way possible:

  • All office spaces and its occupants are accounted for accurately
  • Directory contacts reflect moves
  • Electronic equipment is tracked for maintenance & service
  • Information about space needs is up-to-date  

About the move process

After your request is received, a Campus Planning staff member will survey the space to ensure that it complies with space policies. Simultaneously, IT will be conducting a survey for equipment electrical needs.

Once the move is approved by both the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management and the Chief Information Officer, a work order will be issued to Buildings and Grounds and you’ll be notified of the time and date of the move.

Finally, information obtained from this form will be shared with Property Management to help track equipment for when these need to be serviced or maintained. The Directory will be updated, as well as occupant database for analysis of space needs.

Final note

All personnel that have recently moved without all specified approvals are required to complete and submit this form. A staff member from Campus Planning and IT may revisit the space for assessment.

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