Capital Projects – Funded


The Athletic Center is a project to create an Athletic Center in the space formerly occupied by the Carroll Street Cafeteria and Dining Hall.  Currently there is a small free weight and exercise machine room that that accommodates 5 or 6 ‘clients’ at a time.  The new Athletic Center would expand this by approximately 6,000 square feet, serving potentially 60 to 90 people.  The new Center would feature a multi-purpose exercise room with a floor specifically for dancing/boot camp/yoga, a full array of state-of-the-art exercise machines and free weights, and an aerobic area with tread mills, stair climber and stationary bikes.

The area is in the basement below the existing

 gym, adjacent to the existing exercise room and male locker room which also connects to the newly revamped swimming pool area.  The Athletic Center would unify the pool and gym as a designated athletic facility.


This project proposes reconfiguring the storefront and entrance lobby of the primary 1650 Bedford entrance to be ADA-compliant, energy efficient, inviting and user friendly. It allows implementation of security and control features, and improves the circulation of the main lobby.


The Carroll Street Building will undergo a series of upgrades:

Interior Upgrade

This project includes an energy study geared to correct inefficiencies such as HVAC, restrooms, egress stairs, and elevators.

Exterior Upgrade

This project will endeavor to bring back some of the building’s old style, by replacing windows and re-designing the building’s facade.

Carroll Building Main entrance Before and After