Bedford Building

1650 Bedford Avenue

Building Occupancy by Floor

3rd Floor
President, Provost, Diversity and Affirmative Action offices
2nd Floor
Classrooms, Computer labs, Foreign and Faculty Instructional Labs, Classrooms, N.B. Johnson Lecture Hall, Nadeen Lawe Activity Center, Rotunda, Cafeteria Annex, Library, College of Freshman Studies, Evening and Weekend Programs, and Student Advocacy & Support Centers.
1st Floor
Classrooms, Music Practice Rooms, Founder’s Auditorium, Library, Amphitheater, President Conference Center, Department of Education, Differently-Abled, Women’s Development Center, Department of Mass Communication, Creative & Performing Arts & Speech, Department of Philosophy & Religion offices,

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Medgar Evers College
1650 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225

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