Academic Building I : 1638 Bedford Avenue



5th Floor

Classrooms, General Chemistry, Advance Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and NMR Labs, Research Modules, Seminar Rooms,  Physical Environment and Computer Sciences

4th Floor

Classrooms, Biology, Physics Optics, and Anatomy Labs, Research Modules, Biology Dark Room, Biology Adjunct & Faculty Room, Seminar Rooms, Office of Dean of School of Science, Health and Technology

3rd Floor 

Distance Learning and General Classrooms, General Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology Labs, Environmental Chambers, Research Modules, VIP Multipurpose Room, and Biology Department

2nd Floor

Classrooms, Skylight Café and Dining Hall, Nursing Labs, Cellular and Molecular Biology Research modules, Nursing Department

1st Floor

Classrooms, Art Gallery, EOJ Auditorium, Seminar Rooms, and Mathematics Department


Classrooms, Computer Labs, Public Safety & Campus Security, Information Technology, and Web Services offices