Key Functions

  • Continue to monitor implementation of Middle States and College recommendations within the context of CUNY PMP goals.
  • Provide support and guidance to Schools, Departments and programs during accreditation and re-accreditation processes.
  • Monitor and support programs in completing mandated recommendations and/or findings resulting from accreditation processes.
  • Monitor implementation of Middle States Commission on Higher Education Self Study recommendations and suggestions.
  • Collaborate on Strategic Planning Cycles as recommended by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • Collaborate on revising the MEC Assessment Plan to reflect new emphases developed by MEC, CUNY, and the US Department of Education.
  • Ensure compliance of recommendations resulting from Self Studies submitted to professional accrediting bodies including NYSED, NLNAC, NCATE, ACBSP, and CSWE.
  • Collaborate with academic and service units in preparing:
  • Accreditation Agencies Reports (External)
    Program Reviews (Internal)
    Annual Reports (Internal)

The accreditation process requires that institutions and programs examine their own missions, goals, operations, and accomplishments. Further, it requires that institutions assess the quality of their programs and evaluate the institutions’ effectiveness in fulfilling their missions and achieving their goals.

Key Characteristics of Self-Study:

  • Assess, analyze, and evaluate institutional effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.
  • Assess, analyze, and evaluate achievement of institutional/learning outcomes.
  • Identify institutional strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Develop and implement evidence-based plans for improvement.
  • Document that Eligibility Requirements, Standards, and Policies are met.

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  • Submitted annually; due in May
  • Provides a “snapshot” report of a department’s achievements and challenges for the reporting year
  • Focus on key student indicators aligned with PMP indicators
  • Supports planning for immediate interventions and corrections
  • Provides input into annual CUNY PMP Reports and MEC Program Reviews

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Following the recommendation of the Self Study, the College has instituted Program Reviews, which are, in effect, a self-study of a program performed by the department in which it is housed.

These reviews will facilitate the planning and budgeting processes required by the CUNY PMP process as well as provide the foundation for continuous program improvement and cultivating a culture of excellence. Further, as the College implements its scheduled program reviews, the process will provide evidence of planning efforts, successes and the effective implementation of assessment cycles.

Program reviews are:

  • Submitted every three years
  • A mini “Self-Study” that  provides opportunity for in-depth analysis and reflection to sustain and maintain quality
  • Provides input into accreditation reports and long-range planning

Focus areas include:

  • how your program/area “closes the assessment loop;”
  • assessment of the major;
  • assessment of general education;
  • impact of specialized accreditations and Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation recommendations on the program. 

Key Areas of a Program Review focus on:

  • Mission
  • Goals
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Department Governance
  • Collaborative Relationships
  • Program Resources
  • Program Summary
  • Effectiveness of operational plans that drive each program/administrative area to improve and advance so that benchmarks established by CUNY, MEC, and other bodies are met or exceeded;
  • Identifying how well the budgeting process supports program priorities;
  • Enabling a process for change based on critical program analysis; and
  • Moving the College further toward the goal of an integrated planning process.

Evidence and Documentation submitted with the Program Review include records related to:

  • performance,
  • retention,
  • curriculum mapping,
  • grade submission,
  • graduation,
  • committee assignments,
  • faculty research,
  • syllabi, and course descriptions from College catalogues,
  • departmental minutes,
  • scholarship reports, faculty conferences, program booklets, program reports, etc.

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