Office of Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness


The Office of Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness provides oversight and support to policy and programs designed to promote within the College an understanding that assessment, quality assurance and continuous institutional improvement are the core of academic, administrative, student support, and operational planning.  

In support of that function, the Office has established a cyclical monitoring and auditing function to ensure that recommendations and compliance requirements from the Middle States Commission and other external and internal review bodies are addressed, completed and fully documented.  All departments, programs and offices responding to accrediting organizations and/or undergoing program reviews will be expected to consult with and seek guidance and support from this Office, and to receive approval prior to submission of their respective final reports.

The Office of Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness will collaborate with the Office of Academic Affairs to standardize the College’s intentional interventions while strengthening the College’s ability to move to the next level as it fulfills its mission and continues its ascension towards excellence.

Goals of the Office of Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Institutional Effectiveness

MEC OAQA Strategic Goal: 1.1
Centralize the College’s internal quality assurance and improvement activities including existing accreditation activities and internal and external compliance reporting requirements through OAQA.

MEC OAQA Strategic Goal: 1.2
The idea of quality as a core value will be integrated into the principal teaching, learning, student support and administrative services of the College through the activities of OAQA.

MEC OAQA Strategic Goal: 2
Promote Quality Assurance perspectives throughout the College by fully integrating the MEC Assessment Cycle into the Culture of Excellence at Medgar Evers College.

MEC OAQA Strategic Goal: 3
A coherent and coordinated quality assurance approach to administrative services across the College will be established, implemented and assessed.