General Testing Rules/Testing Center Policies

In order to ensure a fair testing environment for all students, the Testing Center enforces the following policies:

Picture I.D.: All students are required to present valid photo identification (College or State is preferred) in order to test. Original photo identification must be presented - faxed, electronic or photocopies are not accepted.

Start of Exam: Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the test is scheduled to start.

Personal Belongings: Only authorized materials are allowed on the desktop while testing. Personal belongings such as backpacks, bags, books, notes, calculators, head phones, cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, computing devices or any device capable of recording audio, photographic, or video content, or capable of viewing or playing back such content will not be allowed on the testing surface and must be placed in an area designated by the testing staff.

Electronic Devices: All electronic devices, including cellular phones and watches, are to be turned off and put away. They may not be turned on again until you leave the Testing Center at the end of the test.

Restroom: Students are advised to use the restroom before entering the exam area. Leaving and re-entries to the testing room during a test, except for medical emergencies will not be permitted. The Office of Services for the Differently Abled may provide special waivers to this rule as needed. Documentation of waiver must be presented to the Testing Center prior to the exam.

Food and drink: NO FOOD AND DRINK of any kind or chewing gum are allowed in the testing room.

Process: After checking your photo ID and you are signed in, the proctor will assign you your seat for the examination. When leaving the testing room, you must turn in all test material.

Unattended Children: Children are not allowed in the testing rooms. Further, children are not allowed to be unsupervised in the Medgar Evers College Testing Center. Please make other arrangements for children before coming to the testing areas.

Quiet Please!: In order to help us provide a quiet and undisturbed environment, please take special care as you arrive and leave to maintain that quiet atmosphere, both inside and immediately outside of the testing areas.

Violation of rules: If a test candidate violates the guidelines established by the MEC Testing Center or the institution providing the exam, the incident will be reported for possible academic disciplinary action. In addition, the candidate may be escorted out of the Testing Center by Campus Safety & Security.  Cheating of any kind will be reported to the appropriate instructor and/or agency and further action may be enforced by the college's disciplinary committee.

Plagiarism: In accordance with The University Policy on Academic Integrity, please avoid plagiarism by making a clear distinction between your own words and the language of the readings or any other texts to which you refer. Identify and document language or ideas that you take from readings or from any other research material, whether gathered from the Internet or from books or articles you may have consulted. For example, identify the words of other writers by enclosing them in quotation marks; cite authors and sources.

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