Planning for Study Abroad

Medgar Evers College encourages all students to have a study abroad experience during their undergraduate studies. There are many study abroad options and it is important to take the necessary time to plan and prepare for a program abroad. The sooner you start planning your course, the better your experience will be prior, during and post your international experience. Here are steps to follow when plotting for your international experience.

Visit the Study Abroad Office

You can visit the Office Monday through Friday from 9:00-12:00 or 2:00-4:00. While you can drop in, we do encourage you to schedule an advising appointment. At this appointment, you will learn about study abroad opportunities and scholarship opportunities in greater detail.

Evaluate Yourself

What kind of international opportunity do you want to have? Are you ready to embrace a new place and step outside of your comfort zone? Meet other students? Try learning in a different culture? Remember, savvy travelers keep their budget in mind. You know yourself best and are in the driver’s seat when it comes to knowing which type of study abroad program will suit you best.

Choose Your Language of Study

Decide whether you want to learn another language, improve upon one you already know, or study in English. Most study abroad programs allow you take your major classes in English. Some programs are language specific. It is always recommended that you take a class in the local language while studying abroad. This will help you experience the culture and the country in a more in deep way.

Research Your Study Abroad Options

Consider your motivation and goals for studying abroad. Research programs based on your academic requirements, major or minor requirements, interests, budget and timeframe for when you want to study abroad. There are many study abroad options that will suit your individual needs. Explore program options here.

Schedule an Appointment with the Director of the Study Abroad Office

After the initial advising appointment review all hard printed materials as well as online resources.

Select 2 different programs you are interested in.

Once you have narrowed down your options, contact the Director by calling 718.270.5136 or emailing:

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Schedule an appointment to review your degree and graduation requirements and to discuss your plans to study abroad. With careful planning, studying abroad should fit into your program’s curriculum and not delay progress towards your degree.

Do you have a current Passport?

Your passport is your official identification while abroad. It takes at least 4–8 weeks to receive it in the mail and you can’t apply for a visa or travel internationally (permission to enter a country) without one. You can apply for a passport at any post office. Visit for an application and information on the documents you will need to get your passport. Apply for a passport as soon as possible if you do not already have a passport.

Explore Your Financial Options

Financing a study abroad program is possible by using your local and federal financial aid, personal student loans, applying early for local and national scholarships and grants and discussing your financial options with the Financial Aid Office. To learn more about local and national scholarships please visit the scholarship page.

How to apply to a Study Abroad program and Scholarships

Each study abroad program will have its own application. Once you have selected a program to apply to complete the appropriate application for the program. Please work with the Director of Study Abroad when completing your application. Each scholarship will have its own application process. You will apply to scholarships separately from applying to the study abroad program.

Submit Your Study Abroad Application

The Director of Study Abroad can assist you in submitting your application to the appropriate provider once your application is complete. Each scholarship program and study abroad program will have deadlines. When applying for a program or scholarship please keep in mind the deadlines. Late applications for study abroad are accepted on a case by case basis.
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