Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA)’s responsibilities are to conduct institutional research and assessment surveys to provide information for the College's strategic planning, decision-making, and assessment of institutional effectiveness. The Office collects and generates information and reports according to the Student Success Progression Model (SSPM) that was introduced by the Office in 2013 and formed the frame work of the College’s 2014-2017 Institutional Assessment Plan. For each stage of the SSPM model from pre-admission to post-graduation, internal and external data were collected and analyzed, integrated into information for timely reporting that include trend analyses, evaluation of programs and initiatives, and assessment of student academic outcomes such as grades, GPAs and credit accumulation. These institutional data in turn guide the directions for the College’s in-depth effort on student learning assessment.

The research responsibilities for this office include statistical analyses of student enrollment, admission, and other SSPM trend data, the identification and presentation of significant research issues for administrative discussions, the preparation of student profiles and comparative outcomes assessment reports for department and program reviews, providing outside constituents such as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and grant funding agencies student profile statistics and outcomes data, and the publication of various annual data reports, including the College Snapshot.

The assessment responsibilities for this office include the routine coordination and administration of several national and/or commercial surveys at various points of the student experience, and the design, administration, and processing of routine and ad hoc in-house surveys. The Office also takes a leading role in the College’s institutional assessment process, highlights important issues from the analyses of institutional data, and proposes methodologies for the evaluation of college effectiveness.

The Office communicates routinely with the CUNY Institutional Research and Assessment Office to understand the computational aspects of the University’s requirements for evaluative measures, as well as to provide the College’s feedback on the preparation of various University-wide surveys and reports. The Office participates in the College’s Performance Management Process to study institutional effectiveness in meeting University and College goals and stated purposes, so as to facilitate the College’s use of institutional results to improve college programs, services and facilities.

MEC Fact Sheets
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MEC Snapshots
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Data Trend Reports

Dashboard Report 2012-2016

SSPM Report 2011- 2015

Departmental Data Trend Report 2012-2016
CUNY University PMP Reports
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CUNY Student Experience Survey Reports
CUNY SES Report – 2016 CUNY SES Report – 2014 CUNY SES Report – 2012
NSSE Trend Report 2013-2015
Enrollment and Graduate Trend Data by School and Major
Excerpt from MEC Snapshot 2015-2016 Appendix 1 & 2
MEC-Institutional Assessment Plan & All Appendices Final 10-2-2014

Routine OIRA Reports & Schedule:
1: Tentative Enrollment Report – September
2: MEC Snapshot – October
3: Retention and Graduation Rate Report by Program – January
4: SSPM Institutional Trend Report – Annual College-wide Retreat in February
5: MEC Dashboard – April
6: Departmental Data Trend Report, Preliminary - June
7: Departmental Data Trend Report, Final – Chairs - Retreat in August
8: Graduate Trend Report – August


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