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The mission statement of the Learning Center is complementary with the mission of the College, which is to develop and maintain a high quality professional undergraduate education. To this end, the mission of the Learning Center is to assist our students to become independent learners, so they can ultimately use their skills to decipher, appreciate and manipulate related and advanced levels of various subject areas, and also use their knowledge to negotiate real life circumstances.

Learning Center Objectives:

  • To assist our students to acquire the skills to become independent learners.
  • To provide academic support accommodation to Differently Abled Students as stipulated by federal legislation.
  • To provide professional service to our students in an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • To provide workshops to assist our students in fulfilling their basic skills and graduating requirements.
  • To assist students in finding ways to enhance and achieve the most out of the learning and studying process: for example encouraging study groups along with supplemental instruction.
  • To work with other departments and programs to provide academic support to students most in need.

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The Learning Center’s goals as they complement Medgar Evers College’s strategic goals: 
MEC goal 1: To Serve the Central Brooklyn Community, which comprise of students diverse educational, socioeconomic, political, cultural and national backgrounds.
The Learning Center indiscriminately serves our matriculated and non-matriculated student population of diverse background and abilities, of the Central Brooklyn Community, by providing them with free academic support services. The Center also provides tutorial assistance to the community by collaboratively working with high schools and community agencies through grant funded programs.
MEC goal 2: Provides students with basic academic knowledge and skills necessary for rigorous undergraduate study, academic excellence, entry into graduate and professional schools and career advancement.
The Learning Center complements classroom instruction by offering students a wide range of academic support services from basic skills, CUNY ACT workshops for floaters, CUNY Proficiency Exam workshops and study groups, NLN workshops for prospective nurses, to tutorials in several subject areas with include mathematics, English, logic, science, computer science and literacy, biology, finance and accounting to prepare them for rigorous undergraduate study and academic excellence after their baccalaureate degrees.
MEC goal 3: seeks to improve students understanding of self, past and present societies, and future trends by providing students with a liberal education which communicates the knowledge of tradition, the teaching of scholars, and the beauty and profundity of cultural heritage
The Learning Center complements the College’s goal of seeking to improve students’ understanding of self and providing a liberal education by being an extension of the classroom in tutorial sessions through the support of similar policies and principles, through collaboration with classroom instructors.
MEC goal 4: seeks to prepare students for leadership roles in a changing world, so that they and the college can be energizers of change agents in the community.
The Learning Center assists students to upgrade and improve their academic and technological skills so that they can be holistic leaders in a world that is constantly evolving.
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