FS 101 Freshman Seminar I

1 credit; 3 class hours - Freshman Seminar is designed to provide first-time college students and first and second semester Re-Admit students with the necessary skills required for a successful college experience. Five interdisciplinary modules will be presented: Bonding, Orientation, Study/Library Skills, Wellness, and Education/Careers. Skills will include study habits, listening, note/test taking, library and research techniques, college/life management, and student rights and responsibilities as they relate to Medgar Evers, the institution, mission, organization and function of its offices. Library Research/ Study Skills will be reinforced throughout the curriculum. This course is not to offered to SEEK students. Pre-requisite: None

FS 102 Freshman Seminar II

1 credit; 1.5 class hours - This course will continue to reinforce student awareness of college services, foster students’ involvement in college, community resources and activities, and foster critical thinking and problem solving skills. The five interdisciplinary modules introduced in FS 101 (Bonding, Orientation, Study/Library Skills, Wellness, Education/ Careers) will be reinforced, moving from the theoretical to a practical hands-on approach. The Education/Careers module is the focus of FS 102. The major course emphasis is to expose freshman students to career development techniques including career exploration, job search techniques, resume preparation, interviewing strategies, self-assessment awareness and graduate school exploration. Library Research/Study Skills are reinforced throughout the curriculum. This course is not offered to SEEK students. Pre-requisite: FS 101
The Freshman Year Program is located in Room 200 in the Student Services Building, 1637 Bedford Avenue, and can be reached at 718.270.4960.

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