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Dr. Crew’s Advice for Freshmen

Friday, February 10, 2017

Today’s college students must map their futures amid conflicts about the value of a college education and shifts in the social paradigm and the global economy, MEC President Rudolph F. Crew said during his recent Address to the Freshman Class.

Dr. Crew made his comments to the students, staff and faculty assembled in Founders Auditorium on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017. MEC will embrace all the conflict, he said, and marry academic work with “faith about your current situation,” whatever that might be. In turn, students will have to work hard, analyze the world, and ask themselves hard questions about how they want to be seen, Dr. Crew said. 

“Understand the challenges of the world but pay attention to your friendships, ask for help, articulate your point of view in class,” Dr. Crew advised. He added, “Create the picture of yourself that you want other people to have the greatest respect for.”

Their worlds are increasingly shaped by the need to be a citizen of the world and the rise of emerging markets in developing countries, Dr. Crew told students. The changes create opportunities, he stated. Every portion of our Democracy is open to them, he promised, and they will inherit Corporate America.

Or as Dr. Crew put it: “Broke today does not mean broke tomorrow.”

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