Guidelines for Submitting a Petition to the Academic Standards & Regulations Committee:

  1. Petitions should be typed and proofread.  If you prefer to use a word processor and wish to attach a separate sheet with your explanation, be certain to neatly print the basics of your request on the form itself. When indicating the reason for submitting a petition, you should clearly indicate what time period you are referring to and what you are requesting from the Committee. Include course sections (050,006, etc.) where applicable.
  2. Example: Please waive Hist 200-001 as a requirement for the B.A. degree in Psychology. I request that the WU grade in SPAN 101-006 during Fall 2000 be changed to a W.
  3. Provide a rationale for your petition and submit the appropriate documentation to support it (such as a medical statement from your doctor, employer, death etc.) All documentation should be submitted on the letterhead of the appropriate institution/individual and should be signed and dated.
  4. All petitions should be signed by you. The Committee will not review petitions submitted without this signature.
  5. The petition and supporting documentation should be submitted to the Academic Advising Center -room S220. If you choose to leave your petition with a faculty or staff member elsewhere in the College, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is delivered to the Academic Advising Center.
  6. The Committee meets once a month to review petitions in the order that they are received. Your petition may not be reviewed the same month that you submit it. When it is reviewed, you will receive the pink copy of the petition form signed by the Committee chair, indicating the Committee's decision.

Contact the Academic Advising Center if you have any questions about the above procedures.

  • Petitions not following the above procedures will be returned to you for resubmission.
  • The Committee can only directly consider grade changes of WU/WF to W. Please see your professor and chairperson for other grade changes.
  • You may file for a change of grade up to the end of the following semester form the semester in which you took the class.
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