CUNY e-Permits

The on-line permit process allows students to make arrangements to take courses at OTHER CUNY COLLEGES without having to directly contact both the home and host colleges for approval. The intent of this process is to provide a convenient means of obtaining permission to register for courses offered at other CUNY colleges. This will enhance the opportunity of graduating in a timely manner and allow students to pursue academic interests not offered at their home colleges.

Procedures for Filing an Official CUNY Permit Form On-Line

To file a CUNY Permit form, you must first create an ID on the CUNY Portal. Simply log on to: . At the bottom of the left-hand orange column, find the button for LOG IN and click on it. You will have to REGISTER and create an account if you have not already. Follow the simple instructions, making sure you choose a PIN you will remember. It takes one business day for CUNY to create your account. You have now completed the process for signing onto the CUNY Portal.
If you are experiencing problems, contact the Registrar's office to verify that your personal information is correct. If you are continuing to have problems, contact the CUNY Help Desk, which is available at:
Once you have obtained your CUNY Portal ID, to file a CUNY Permit Form click on the "Create New Permit" menu option to the left. All fields must be completed.

To be eligible for a permit you must: 

  1. Be matriculated and currently in attendance at the Home College;

  2. If an undergraduate student, have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00;

  3. If a graduate student, have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or more;

  4. Not have any stops on your record;

  5. Have all required immunizations at the Home College completed.

  6. First time freshman or transfer students are not permitted to register for permit courses.

The following information will be provided by the system. If any information is incorrect, contact your Home College Registrar immediately. DO NOT CONTINUE TO COMPLETE THE FORM UNTIL ALL DATA ARE CORRECT.

  1. Student name

  2. Student number

  3. Home address

  4. Telephone number, if provided by student

  5. E-mail address

  6. Home college

  7. Undergraduate or graduate status

  8. Date of birth

  9. Immunization information

  10. Stop information

Each permit course will require a separate permit application. Be sure to read all of the information in the Welcome Message. It will be your responsibility to assure that all information is correct. 

Host College:

Select a Host College from the pick list. In order to select the Host College, you may need to access CUNY TIPPS and the On-Line Schedule of Classes to determine both where the appropriate course is offered and whether it is available at a convenient time.

Selecting a Home College Course:

First, click on the "Home College Course" button. This will take you to a list of disciplines. Click on the appropriate discipline and the courses will be displayed. Then, click on the appropriate course and it will appear on the permit form. Instead of a specific Home College course, you may select a subject area: major elective, general elective or general education requirement. Your choice should be made depending how you intend to use the permit course.

Selecting a Host College course:

For each Home College course you will have to select a Host College Course. If you know the Host College course you want to take and do not need to confirm its equivalence to a Home College course, you can click on the "Home College Course" button that will take you to a list of disciplines and courses. Select the course and click on it. It will appear on the application as the Host College course. See below if you would like to use CUNY TIPPS to help in the selection of the Host College Course.


The Permit Form allows you to select a Host College courses by using CUNY TIPPS. To learn if predetermined equivalencies exist, click on the link to CUNY TIPPS and select "Course Equivalencies." Follow the instructions to locate the Home College course(s) for which you want to substitute the permit course. If a Host College equivalency exists for the Home College course, and it is being offered in that semester or term, make note of that course. You must return to the Permit Application to actually select a course. Click on the "Host College Course" button and locate the course from the list that appears. Click on the appropriate course; it will appear on the form.

Using the On-Line Schedule of Classes:

With the exception of the Graduate School and Borough of Manhattan Community College, you can use the On-Line CUNY Schedule of Classes to check if the Host College Course is being offered in that semester or term, whether it is being offered at a convenient time for you, and whether there still are seats available in the section in which you are interested. This schedule will be up-dated [update time to come from 57th Street] For these two institutions, check their own websites for class schedule information
You have three options once you have completed and reviewed the application:

  1. Save as a draft

  2. Submit for approval

  3. Cancel changes

By selecting "Submit for Approval" the application will be forwarded electronically to the person designated on the form as the first approver. Usually, this will be the Home College Registrar. If applicable, the Permit Form will be forwarded electronically to the appropriate academic office by the College Registrar for academic approval. Some Colleges may refer the application to a third approver, perhaps the Financial Aid Office. You will be informed by E-mail as each approver evaluates the permit. In the event approval is not given at any step in the process, you will receive an E-mail to that effect with an explanation of why the application is being rejected.

Processing Approved Permits:

  1. After all approvals have been obtained, the Home College Registrar will send the Permit Form electronically to the Host College.

  2. The Home College Registrar will register you as a permit student for the appropriate number of credits. The credits for this registration will be used in the calculation of your tuition and your financial aid eligibility.

  3. You will receive registration instructions via E-mail from the Host College.

  4. The Host College will send grades to the Home College Registrar within four weeks after the end of the semester.

You may cancel your request to take a permit course at any time prior to your registration at the Host College. If you do so, or if you fail to register for the course at the Host College, and you expect to obtain financial aid, make certain that your remaining credits will still allow you to maintain eligibility for financial aid. If not, you must register for additional credits at the Home College.

Tuition Payment:

The Home College Bursar will bill you for your tuition. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that any applicable financial aid is reflected on the bill. Remember that, if you are unable to register at the Home College or your financial aid and TAP may be affected if you do not remain full-time. for a permit course that has been approved, you must replace it with a course acceptable towards your degree at the Home College or your financial aid and TAP may be affected if you do not remain full-time.

Full-time Status:

If the permit course is being used to calculate full time status (a minimum of 12 billable credits), the approved permit course must be one that will meet degree requirements for the program in which you are matriculated. If the credits for the permit course all are in excess of twelve for the semester or six for the summer session, the course does not have to satisfy degree requirements.
There may be a limit to the number of permit credits allowed. Please check your Home College Catalog.
Permits will not be issued to:

  1. A non-degree student.

  2. A readmitted matriculated student who is not currently enrolled or who does not need the permit course for graduation.

  3. An incoming newly matriculated student who requests a permit for the semester or summer session preceding his/her effective term of admission.