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Your interest in establishing a scholarship at Medgar Evers College is appreciated. As college costs continue to rise, scholarship assistance is increasingly important to students who are dedicated to completing their education. Here at Medgar Evers College, 40 percent of students rely on some type of financial aid and more than 75 percent have jobs, with more than half working 30-40 hours a week. Your contribution can make a real difference to a deserving student by paying for tuition, books, fees or other school expenses. 


Why establish a scholarship?

  • To assist financially needy students
  • To memorialize a loved one
  • To honor a family member or friend on a special occasion
  • To help students pursue specific majors or careers
  • To help students continue their studies at MEC
  • To help students mitigate graduate school costs
  • What types of scholarships are suggested?


You can establish a scholarship fund with the college and maintain an account balance that enables us to generate enough income to finance your annual award. Perpetual/Endowed scholarships are invested through the Medgar Evers College Educational Foundation. The Medgar Evers College Educational Foundation offers matching funds for certain Perpetual/Endowed scholarships, and MEC also receives grants that provide matching funds for specific types of scholarships.


You can invest funds on your own and send a contribution to the college when it is time to award your scholarship each year.
How are scholarships managed?
  • The college’s Scholarship Office administers all scholarship files and accounts, and coordinates the selection and award processes.
What are the criteria?
  • All MEC students who have completed at least 15 units of credit at Medgar Evers College and are in good academic standing are eligible to apply for scholarships. You can establish additional eligibility and selection criteria for your scholarship to fit your preferences.
Who chooses recipients?
  • Scholarship recipients are typically selected by individual sponsors or the MEC Scholarship Committee, comprised of the Scholarship Coordinator, faculty, and alumni, representing a variety of academic majors, disciplines, and professional and administrative experiences
When and how are scholarships awarded?
  • Scholarships and grants are awarded during the fall and spring semesters. Sponsors traditionally present their scholarships personally, at awards banquets or at organizational meetings.All contributions are tax deductible.


How to establish a scholarship

Medgar Evers College Educational Foundation Office

For Perpetual/Endowed and Annual scholarships, or if you plan to remember MEC in your will or through other estate planning, contact the Medgar Evers College Educational Foundation Office. Call the Foundation Office if you need more information or want to make an appointment.

Once your scholarship is set up, the Scholarship Office will open and maintain a file and administer it according to the criteria you established. You will receive regular updates on your account and information about the award recipients.