How to Apply

You must file for financial aid every academic year beginning January of each year.

File your financial aid applications for academic year 2016-2017 on-line at FAFSA on the web. FAFSA Code: 010097 - TAP Code: 1415.

Your eligibility for SUMMER 2016, FALL 2016 and SPRING 2017 for federal and NY State financial aid can only be determined through the filing of the 2016 - 201FAFSA.

What are the steps in applying for aid using the online FAFSA?

When the FAFSA asks you to do so, click “Link to IRS” (i.e. the IRS Data Retrieval Tool). At that point, your FAFSA will be automatically saved and the link will transfer you to the IRS Web site. At the IRS Web site, enter the requested information. Upon validating your identity, the IRS will display your (and if requested, your parent’s) 2015 IRS tax information.

Do not forget to enter Medgar Evers College’s FAFSA college code – 010097. At the end of the FAFSA form, if you do not have a PIN, print the signature page, sign and mail it.

Do not forget to "Submit" the application.

Complete the 2016 - 2017 FAFSA at using the following steps:

Avoid the long lines and file as early as possible! Remember to follow-up on your applications; check on your award status with the Office of Financial Aid, Room S-108.

  • Gather the 2015 Federal and NYS Tax Returns along with other documentation to be used in the completion of the FAFSA. If you will be filing tax returns, we suggest you wait until you have completed them.
    • The FSA ID replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN on May 10, 2015.
    • If you haven’t logged in to a Federal Student Aid site (such as or since May 10, you will need to create an FSA ID before you can log on in the future.
    • If you already have a PIN, you can link your information to your new FSA ID by entering your PIN while registering for your FSA ID. (This will save you time when registering for your FSA ID.) If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can either enter the answer to your PIN “challenge question” during the FSA ID registration process to link your PIN, or you can just create your FSA ID from scratch.
    • Please note:    A PIN is not required to create an FSA ID.
  • Transferring IRS data to your FAFSA or returning to your FAFSA and manually entering your (and if required, your parent’s) 2015 IRS tax return data:
    • If you choose to transfer the IRS tax data, information from the IRS will be used to answer appropriate FAFSA questions and you will be subsequently returned to your FAFSA. If you choose NOT to transfer data from the IRS, you will required to obtain “official” IRS copies of your (and if you are a dependent student, your parent’s) 2015 IRS tax information tax returns.
    • If you choose NOT to transfer data from the IRS, or are not eligible to use the data retrieval tool, determination of your financial aid eligibility may be delayed because official IRS tax returns or official tax return transcripts won’t be available until late July or early August. ** Word to the wise: use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool!!
  • TAP/APTS application filing options:
    • After you have submitted the FAFSA on line, you will be shown a FAFSA Confirmation Page. On that page, is a link marked "for NYS residents only." Select that option in order to file your TAP application online. Make sure that Medgar Evers College's TAP code – 1415 is entered. 
    • If you missed the "NYS residents only" link and if you provided your email address on the FAFSA, you will be emailed additional instructions as to how to complete a 2016-2017 TAP on The Web (TOTW).