Refund Policy

In order to ensure MEC students have a successful college experience, it is crucial that students keep up to date with Tuition Payment Dates, Bursar Tuition Refund/Liability Dates, Financial Aid Disbursement dates, as well as what courses students have registered for and the correct procedures for withdrawing from classes. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Schedule for Tuition Refund is as follows:

Tuition Refund/Liability Schedule Fall and Spring Summer and Winter
  Refund Liability Refund Liability
Official drop/withdrawal one business day prior to semester start date--tuition and fees 100% 0% 100% 0%
Official drop/withdrawal during 1st week of semester--tuition only 75% 25% 50% 50%
Official drop/withdrawal during 2nd week of semester--tuition only 50% 50% 25% 75%
Official drop/withdrawal during 3rd week of semester--tuition only 25% 75% NONE 100%
Drop/withdrawal after 3rd week (after 20th day) of semester NONE 100% NONE 100%
Dropping course(s) to register at another CUNY unit 100% 0% 100% 0%
Dropping course(s) due to military obligation 100% 0% 100% 0%
Dropping from course(s) due to college cancellation of a student’s registration or course 100% 0% 100% 0%

Tuition & Fee Liability

Students who officially withdrew from the University or reduce the number of credits for which they are registered may be entitled to a proportionate refund of tuition paid or proportionate adjustment of tuition charges within the first three weeks of the semester.

Students are entitled to a reduction of their tuition liability if any of the following conditions exist:
  • An official drop form / change of program form received within the first three weeks of class (only for Fall and Spring semester; refer to Tuition Refund/ Liability schedule for Winter and Summer), signed by the student and accepted and date stamped by the REGISTRAR upon receipt, is submitted.
  • The college cancels Course(s) and the student’s program drops below 12 billable equivalent credits.
  • When a student’s registration, (upon academic review or due to disciplinary action), is cancelled by the college.
  • Withdrawal due to formal notification of military service during the semester that a refund is requested, providing that the student does not qualify to receive an earned grade.
Refunds may not be generally granted for requests submitted after the college’s official census (FORM A) date unless previously stipulated above.  Non-attendance does not affect student’s tuition liability. Any appeal for cancellation of classes without liability due to extenuating circumstances must be prior to the date of FORM A and certainly not after the semester or after the end of that fiscal year. No appeal can be entertained. The Board of Trustees of CUNY can only waive TUITION AND FEES. More details are below CLARIFYING THE PERCENTAGE OF REFUND/ LIABILITY from the first day of the classes in the event of cancellation.

Refund Policy

Technology fee, student activity fee, senate fee, and consolidation fee once billed cannot be cancelled and, once paid are non-refundable unless the student officially withdraws prior to the first day of the semester.  Student activity fees cannot be waived, except by CUNY BOARD OF TRUSTEES.

Students may have credit balances on their accounts as a result of an overpayment of the tuition amount due.  If the student is due a refund, a check will be generated by the university and mailed if the student is not set up for direct deposit or the scholar card. Please see the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding direct deposit and the scholar card.

To ensure mail delivery, please, verify your correct and current address is in CUNYFirst; if not please make the necessary changes.

Direct Deposit Your Financial Aid Refunds

You may elect to have your financial aid refunds deposited directly into your bank account. If you complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submit it to Financial Aid department at least three weeks prior to disbursement of your financial aid, it will be automatically deposited into your checking or savings account at any U.S. bank you choose. Here are the advantages for you:
  • There is no risk of your check being lost or stolen in the mail
  • You don't have to go to the bank to cash or deposit the check
  • Funds for direct deposit participants will be available within 48 hours of disbursement.
All checks generated through SFA (student financial aid) or College refunds will be mailed only to the students (no exceptions) to the address available as per records.

Cancellations & Withdrawals

A Student who cancels his/her registration or who is withdrawing from classes shall be liable for payments of tuition and all fees in accordance with the liability schedule. More details about the College Refund Policy are available through the Bursar's Office. All refunds or adjustments of charges are based on the date the withdrawal application is officially received by the Registrar’s Office, not the date of the last class attended.