Testing Center

The Mission of the Testing Center is to promote and maintain an atmosphere conducive for testing, when administering standardized tests, for a large portion of the college's student population at different levels.  Testing services, aligned with the college’s mission are provided to members of the community.
The Center is committed in assisting students in meeting their educational goals and promoting student satisfaction and achievement through learning and engagement. 

Test Center Policies

  • Picture I.D. / College or State is preferred and is required for all testing.
  • Student must arrive 30 minutes before the test is scheduled to start.
  • Leaving the testing room during a test unless otherwise noted by the instructor is prohibited.
  • Only authorized materials are allowed on the desktop while testing.
  • NO food and drinks are allowed inside the Testing Lab.
  • Cell phones, pagers or any other electronic equipment must be turned OFF.
  • Cheating of any kind will be reported to the appropriate instructor and/or agency and further action enforced by the college's disciplinary committee.
  • The test administrator or proctor determines where an individual is seated in the room.
  • Plagiarism: In accordance with The University Policy on Academic Integrity, you must avoid plagiarism by making a clear distinction between your own words and the language of the readings or any other texts you refer to. Identify and document language or ideas that you take from readings or from any other research material, whether gathered from the Internet or from books or articles you may have consulted. For example, you should identify the words of other writers by enclosing them in quotation marks and citing authors and sources.