Office of Student Life & Development

Medgar Evers College is dedicated to providing quality activities and programs in a learning environment which promotes academic and personal excellence in students, as well as an appreciation of intellectual, ethnical, and aesthetic values. In striving to foster a campus environment which contributes to the total education of each student, the Office of Student Life & Development seeks to assist individual students as well as student organizations in creation, implementation, and evaluation of those social, educational, cultural, and recreational programs which contribute to the academic growth and personal development of all students at the College.
The Office of Student Life & Development serves as a resource center to all students and provides administrative leadership for the planning and development of student activities and programs.  In addition, referrals are made to other related college services that help students clarify and fulfill their needs and objectives and encourage students to contribute to a constructive campus learning environment.  By participating in academic programming, social activities, and leadership development, students are able to have a total college experience through their engagement in student clubs, organizations, community service, service on college-wide committees, and research opportunities.
Starting/Re-activating a Student Group/Organization:  The Office of Student Life & Development will guide and assist you with the process.
Program Planning & Budget Advisement:  Staff will explore new program ideas and build upon the success of annual events and assist you with the process of on-campus and off-campus programming.  We offer advice on how a club can receive a budget and explain the procedure on the proper expenditure of funds.
Policy Advisement:  There are several CUNY (City University of New York) and MEC (Medgar Evers College) policies that apply to student organizations such as alcohol policy, anti-hazing regulations, or non-exclusivity rules.  The office staff can clarify any questions and concerns that you might have.
Space Reservation:  This office is your first stop when you are applying for space on-campus for meetings, activities, and special events.  All student organizations must use the Student Club, Organization, & Association Space Application.  Any on-campus activity that is planned and confirmed without the usage of the Student Club, Organization, & Association Space Application, will not be allowed to receive funding or reimbursement from the student group’s budget.
On-Campus & Off-Campus Resources:  The Office of Student Life and Development will provide information on how to order t-shirts and supplies, publicize your events, and conduct fundraising activities.
Special Events:  This office aims to combine the skills, energies, and talents of student clubs and organizations to develop and sponsor College-wide special events.  Such events include Club Fair, Spring Fest, training sessions, talent shows, and other programs of joint interest programs.
The Office of Student Life & Development coordinates student activities in collaboration with the Student Government Association, clubs and organizations, associations, the academic departments, and other administrative units.  Clubs, organizations, and associations who plan activities are required to utilize the college services and resources through the Office of Student Life & Development.
The Office of Student Life and Development is located in Room 212 in the School of Business/Student Support Services Building and can be reached at (718) 270-6050 or