Male Development Empowerment Center

The Mission of MDEC

To create an on-going learning community of male students organized around academic support, social interaction, civic engagement and personal development for the purpose of assisting students to persist to graduation.


  • To provide and connect male students to various systems of support that will lead to continuous satisfactory progress towards degree completion.
  • To contribute to the improvement of enrollment and graduation rates of under -represented populations, particularly male students.
  • To participate in coordinated efforts to recruit students to Medgar Evers College from various areas of the community.
  • To identify, promote, raise and advocate for issues that directly impact male students.
  • To use credible research to support the academic and social needs of male undergraduate students
  • To develop & increase campus and community collaborations
  • To build broad public support for MDEC programs & services

Services Provided

Pi Eta Kappa Honor Society

Pi Eta Kappa, the academic fraternity and honor society for urban males, was established by Dr. Edison O. Jackson, President Emeritus of Medgar Evers College, in April, 2007. PEK's mission is to:

  1. encourage, stimulate and maintain academic excellence in scholarship
  2. promote and support exemplary ethical standards in all conduct
  3. train responsible and respected leaders in all fields of human endeavor
Membership in Pi Eta Kappa is by invitation only.  Students are invited if they attain a 3.3 GPA and have at least 30 credits.
Men of Determination

The Men of Determination (M.O.D) is a collective of male students who come together to encourage and support each other in their academic and individual pursuits.  There is no GPA requirement to join this group.

Men of Medgar Week

Every spring semester MDEC sponsors a week-long celebration of male students at Medgar Evers College that includes workshops, symposia, lectures, social events and special events.  It is an opportunity to provide a forum to highlight the achievements of certain members of the College, as well as the surrounding community. One of the central events of this celebration is the annual “Men of Medgar In Suits” in which male students dress professionally and stylishly and participate in a walk across campus.

Math Masters Collaborative

The Math Masters Collaboration offers an opportunity for college students to demonstrate leadership and provide service to the community by tutoring/mentoring middle school students through math.  The program is a partnership between MDEC, the MEC Math Department and middle schools MS 61 and PS 375.  It includes an afterschool program, a Saturday Academy and a summer camp.

Leadership Development & Mentoring

Through the Pi Eta Kappa Honor Society and the Men of Determination, we attempt to give male students an opportunity to learn and experience leadership.  MDEC, in addition, sponsors both academic and leadership workshops for all students during the academic year.

Our mentoring seeks to encourage, support and develop young men with a determination of success in both academia and society. By having faculty, staff and students serve as mentors to those that register with the program, early identification of stumbling blocks in academic performance allows for quick intervention or prevention.

Through group and individual structured mentoring, MDEC attempts to create a bond between male students, staff and faculty that will provide an experience that will elevate their study and leadership skills.


1650 Bedford Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11225
P: 718- 270-5073


Dr. Robert M. Waterman

Dean Dereck Skeete

Larry B. Martin



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