The Capital One/ Medgar Evers College Emergency Loan

The Capital One/ Medgar Evers College Emergency Loan fund will support students access to higher education by providing application waivers to students enrolled in the MEC IMPACT GED program.  This program provides students in our GED program with mentors who are currently attending Medgar Evers College.  To encourage the program’s GED graduates to continue their pursuit of higher education while promoting a seamless transition to college, this fund would reduce the barrier to college by providing funds to cover the cost of the CUNY admission application.  These students would be identified and tracked using our current student information system and we would report on admissions and semester to semester persistence as outcomes.  For students who are currently enrolled, the Capital One/MEC Emergency Loan Fund would provide short-term loans of up to $250 to students who are awaiting financial aid disbursement refunds.  This would enable students to purchase books, and other essential items while they await their financial aid.  Similarly, we would track these students in our student information management system and report semester to semester retention and persistence. 

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