Welcome to the Medgar Evers College Alumni Affairs Association (MECAAA)

All graduates of Medgar Evers College (MEC) may join the Association upon graduation. We are delighted to have you join our alumni community.

The Medgar Evers College Alumni Affairs Association is dedicated to supporting the College in its mission to develop and maintain high quality, professional, career-oriented undergraduate degree programs in the context of a liberal arts education. Moreover, the association is committed to nurturing a sense of community among Medgar Evers College alumni.

The MEC Alumni Affairs Association focuses on supporting all MEC alumni. This work is done through cultivating and fostering lifelong relationships between the College and our alumni community. We are dedicated to connecting with you and look forward to your involvement and participation in our upcoming President’s Wine & Cheese Networking event, future reunion and alumni awards celebrations, continuing education programs through the School of Professional and Community Development and much more!

As an alumnus of the College, you will have access to the MEC Alumni Affairs Association Website – a treasure trove of information and news to keep you informed of MEC activities and career guidance. We work to keep you informed about fellow alumni, programs and events, faculty and on campus programs. Please keep us apprised of your current address and your career achievements so we can proudly report them on our websites.

Again welcome!

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Why should you become a member?

Membership in the Medgar Evers College Alumni Affairs Association supports a broad array of programs that benefit the College, current students and alumni. Members receive exclusive special event invitations, campus privileges including access to professional development programs, recreation, library, and computer facilities, and a great selection of cultural activities.

For more information, please contact Kevin McCann, Alumni Relations Director at kmccann@mec.cuny.edu or 718-270-6938.