Department of Nursing

The mission of the Department of Nursing is congruent with the mission of the College. Access and excellence are hallmarks of the College and the Department. The faculty agrees that education has the power to positively transform the lives of individuals. We are committed to excellence in nursing education. Providing students a choice of opportunities among its various nursing programs increases access to a nursing career. 

The department promotes success in a nursing career by assessing the readiness of its graduates throughout the educational experience. It is our goal to ensure that our graduates achieve success, employ their skills and technology to enrich their community, our nation and the world. We support lifelong learning and embrace career mobility.
The department provides degree programs with clear articulation between them. The College has a commitment to students who desire self-improvement, a sound education, an opportunity to develop a personal value system and an opportunity to gain maximum benefits from life experience and from their environment. The department promotes this mission by its commitment to excellence in nursing education.

About the Department of Nursing

Nursing is intellectually stimulating, challenging and provides many opportunities for specialization and advancement. Whether it is caring for clients in a hospital, the community, working with the elderly or children, engaging in research to improve health care, teaching clients and/or students, or using advanced technology to improve health care systems, nursing is a fulfilling vocation. These opportunities are just a few avenues one can pursue in a nursing career. Medgar Evers College can help individuals to become a nurse, or to continue to climb the career by pursuing education in nursing to the BSN level.

The Department of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science (BSN) Degree Completion Program, an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree Program and a Certificate in Practical Nursing (CPN) Program. Jointly, these three programs of study are designed to:
  1. Provide a three step career ladder in nursing education.
  2. Reflect the awareness of the holistic health care needs of the residents of Central Brooklyn, adjacent communities and New York City.
  3. Ensure the graduate's readiness for entry into the rapidly changing inner city urban health care delivery system.
  4. Provide advancement in professional nursing leadership.
  5. Maintain academic excellence and encourage life-long learning.
  6. Prepare the graduate for the rapidly changing health care delivery environment and higher education in nursing.
Nursing Practice
Nursing, as a dynamic, educative and therapeutic process, involves critical thinking, decision-making, and caring in providing health services to individuals, families, groups and communities. The discipline of nursing, with professional and technical components, is governed by the standards established by the profession and operates within the legal parameters of the nurse practice acts.
Nurses who are educated in a practical nursing program earn a certificate and provide nursing services under the direction of a Registered Nurse. The nurse prepared at the associate degree level provides technical nursing care to clients in a variety of structured healthcare settings in collaboration with a professional nurse and other members of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. The nurse prepared at the baccalaureate level is a generalist practitioner. In our view, differences exist in the characteristics of each program, in their goals, objectives, competencies, and outcomes, and are designed to reflect programmatic uniqueness.
Student Status Documentation Requirements
Please note that all CUNY nursing departments will require applicants for admission into nursing clinical settings to provide documentation to show proof of one of the following categories:
  1. U.S. Citizenship;
  2. Permanent Residency;
  3. International student with F1 Status;
  4. Granted Asylum, Refugee Status, Temporary Protected Status, Withholding of Removal, or Deferred Action Status by the U.S. Government.
The CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project provides free counseling to all CUNY students regarding immigration status at. Visit for more information.
The School of Nursing is located at 1638 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11225, at the intersection of Crown St. and Bedford Ave. in Medgar Evers College’s “A” building (School of Science, Health and Technology). The Department of Nursing is located on the second floor, Room 213. Visit the college to explore the opportunities that exist here.