The English Department is a community of teachers, scholars and writers whose primary mission is to offer students an outstanding liberal arts education and the values of intellectual rigor and critical inquiry in an increasingly globalized and highly technological information-based society.

Students may pursue a baccalaureate degree in English and an associate degree in liberal arts with a concentration in English. The department offers courses for the English major, composition and literature courses in the general education curriculum, ESL courses, and composition and critical literacy courses in the developmental education curriculum.  

English majors may concentrate in cross-cultural literature, creative writing or professional writing. By undergoing a course of study in one of these concentrations, students gain academic and cultural experiences that provide them with in-depth studies in literature and writing, enhance their intellectual, social and aesthetic awareness of their environment and develop their awareness of personal and civic responsibilities to the college, university, community and society in general.

At the end of the program, students will be able to gain employment in diverse fields such as teaching, publishing, professional writing and public relations and will also be prepared to undertake graduate studies in a range of professions including law, business, and medicine. In pursuit of its mission, the department is also committed to supporting faculty research, publication, and professional development.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL Program, housed under the auspices of the English Department, offers two levels of ESL reading and writing courses (see detailed description below). Student placement is based on the students’ CUNY reading and writing test scores and handled by the college’s testing office.  The primary goal of this program is to provide our ESL students with a nurturing environment in which they acquire language skills through vigorous reading and writing activities. Upon completion of the upper-level reading and writing courses, ESL students are expected to be able to handle college-level reading, writing and mathematics materials with fluency and competence. ESL Program Manual


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