SEEK Mission Possible Contract and Peer Mentor Program

The SEEK Mission Possible Contract and Peer Mentor Program was implemented in fall 2009 to assist students in identifying their 1) motivation for attending college, 2) their strengths, 3) goals, and any 4) barriers to their success. Students also identify any 5) areas that need improvement and assess their 6) ability to adapt if unforeseen events derail them from their studies. Students document their reflection on these six Mission Possible principles through the completion of the Mission Possible contract, which also includes a declaration of expected dates of graduation for both associate and baccalaureate degree programs and a vision statement that outlines the ideal scenario of where students want to go and how they want to get there.

The Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program’s Mission Possible Peer Mentor Program pairs incoming SEEK freshmen with SEEK upper classmen. Peer mentors provide a support system and help SEEK freshmen navigate the college system within the first year of their academic journey. Peer mentors are SEEK students that have taken the same SEEK counseling courses required of all SEEK freshmen and completed the Mission Possible Contract. They are student leaders and aspiring philanthropists who hold leadership roles within and outside SEEK counseling classes.

Inside the classroom, peer mentors work collaboratively with professors to help mentees outline their goals.  Freshmen work with their peer mentors to complete the Mission Possible Contract, which serves as a blueprint of their aspirations during and after their academic journeys.  Within the contract, freshmen are encouraged to think critically and analyze their strengths, weaknesses, barriers, and adaptations to what impedes their academic success.

Outside of the classroom, peer mentors apply the same excellence, scholarship, leadership, service, and ingenuity to help others in need within the community. Some examples of the Mission Possible Peer Mentor Program outreach are: SEEK’s Annual Holiday Giveback where children in foster care are fed and given toys and clothes; and SEEK’s Annual Barbeque where the community is invited to learn about the college process.