SEEK Academic Support Services Center

The SEEK Academic Support Center at Medgar Evers College provides academic support services to SEEK students. We promote academic excellence and strive to empower our students to become independent learners.

Our mission is to compliment classroom instruction with high-quality tutoring, supplemental instruction, test preparation, and study skills and life skills workshops.
We achieve this through:

  • Small group and one-on-one tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction for specially identified “killer” courses
  • CUNY developmental skills workshops
  • Learning Skills Series (e.g. Test-Taking, Time Management, Stress Management)
  • Graduate/Professional School Preparation workshops
  • Electronic resources
Our vision is to enable our students to be self-motivated, goal-oriented, and empowered with the academic skills to become outstanding scholars and leaders.
Tutoring Policy
All SEEK students who have not yet acquired 30 credits or a 3.0 grade point average are required to sign up for and receive tutoring in at least one subject for two (2) sessions per week. Failure to comply with this policy can result in a loss of program benefits and ultimately program status.
Students are required to fill out an application that indicates the subject for which they require tutoring and their available time. Students are assigned to a tutor. However, additional walk-in tutoring is available. Students are responsible for picking up their semester tutoring contract from the office located in room C-221. To make the most efficient use of tutoring, students should begin tutoring early in the semester.
Tutors are available for Introductory and some advanced courses in: Math, English, Science, Business, Social Sciences, Foreign Languages
Academic Support Coordinator - Sherrill-Ann Mason
Tel: 718-270-4974
Administrative Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tutoring Hours:
SEEK Academic Support Services Location:
Carroll Street Building: Office - C 221 and Tutoring Center - C 218
Tutoring Session Tips:
  1. Please keep your tutoring contract in a safe place, so you know your assigned tutor and the time you are scheduled to meet.
  2. Come prepared to your tutoring session with your class syllabus, notes, handouts, and textbook.
  3. Take notes on any important advice or information your tutor shares with you.
  4. Do not ask or expect your tutor to complete your class assignments/projects. Your tutor will guide you through course material and explain concepts so that you have the skills to complete your assignments/projects successfully on your own.
  5. Bring specific questions to your tutoring session. This will help guide the tutor to your main areas of concern;
  1. this will be the most efficient use of time.
  1. Ask your tutor to review the most important issues at the beginning of the session so that you don’t run out of time before addressing them.
  2. Be certain that your tutor is clear when explaining concepts. If you don’t understand an explanation, ask if s/he can explain an idea in a different way until you are clear.
  3. If you need more help, ask for it.