The General Education Program at Medgar Evers College


Effective with the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year all CUNY colleges will offer a new General Education program commonly referred to as Pathways.  A small number of courses in the new program are simply revisions of courses in the former program.  A large portion of the new program is congruent with the old program.  The philosophy and purpose of general education at Medgar Evers College have not changed.  The new program, like the old program, is supported by the philosophy that education has the power to transform positively the lives of individuals.  The new program, like the old program, seeks to provide students with the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning, and a personal value system to enable them to contribute positively to their communities and professions.


Core Requirements Prior to Fall 2013

New Gen. Ed. Core Requirements
Effective Fall 2013