Coordinated Undergraduate Education Initiative

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Due to the large number of students who enter the college needing remedial instruction and our recognition of the importance of improving college readiness, our major focus is to increase access to remedial instruction through the Immersion Program and during the academic year and to accelerate the time it takes students to exit from remediation. A key institutional priority is improving retention and graduation and our CUE goals were developed to support that goal through the redesign of semester-based remedial courses, the improvement in pass rates in gateway courses, and the development of learning communities. The MEC CUE goals are aligned with the College’s Strategic goals, PMP targets, and the MEC Student Success Progression Model.
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Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE) Initiative
Component Program Descriptions
OAA PRIORITY AREA I: Immersion and summer bridge programs with the broad goals of improving college readiness and accelerating progress through remediation. 
OAA PRIORITY AREA II:  First-year programs including programs for new transfer students, with the broad goal of improving first-to-second year retention rates for both native and transfer students.
OAA PRIORITY AREA III: Academic support services, with the broad goal of enhancing the impact of academic support services on student success in targeted areas.  
1                    Immersion Programs  
Summer Immersion
Winter Immersion  
2First Year Experiences
Learning Communities
First Year  Advisement
Gateway Courses
3Academic Support Resources
Student Advisement
Tutoring/Online Tutoring 
Supplemental Instruction
Contact Information
CUE Coordinator:
Dr. Janice Zummo
BA/CUNY BA; MA/Teachers College, Columbia University;
PhD/Walden University
Phone: 718 270-4973