Benefits of MEC College Now


What is College Now? College Now, is a collaborative program of the City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City Department of Education, which aims to promote college awareness and strengthens academic preparation in order to expand students’ capacity for a successful transition to college 

Get a head start: If enrolled in the Medgar Evers’ College Now program you will receive college credit and in some cases high school credit. You can earn up to 16 credits that will transfer to most colleges and          universities.

Enjoy a taste of the college  experience:  All of our courses are on    Medgar Evers’ campus.  You will receive a college ID card that grants you access to the library and computer facilities.

Save money and time: By taking advantage of this program you save time and money be lightening you college load.  Books are also provided free of charge.

Enjoy on campus programming: Attend on campus lectures, activities and other programming.

Enjoys these benefits and much more when you decide to enroll in College Now at Medgar Evers College!