Office of Academic Transformation and Success

The Office for Academic Transformation & Success (OATS) was established to coordinate the College’s academic/dismissal review process of probation students; and provide services that will effectively assist students facing academic challenges in order to regain good academic standing within the institution. OATS is committed to devising and implementing programs based on the needs of our students through assessment.

At the end of each semester, students (whose GPA falls below 2.0) are notified of their academic status.  Based on college standards, students below 2.0 are placed in one of the following categories and a registration hold is place on their academic record: early alert, academic warning/probation or dismissal.

  • Early Alert – GPA is less than 2.0 (student’s first time)

  • Academic Warning/Probation – GPA less than 2.0 (2 consecutive semesters)

  • Academic Dismissal – GPA less than 2.0 (3 consecutive semesters)

For more information, please click here for the College Catalog.

OATS provides the following services to maximize student success:

Transcript Review/Advisement

Academic Prescriptions
Student Contracts
Students seeking reinstatement to the College must submit a reinstatement petition. 

Click here (dead link) for a Dismissal Petition for Reinstatement.

Shannon Clarke-Anderson
Office of Academic Transformation and Success

Rm. B-2032K
Tel: (718) 270 5143