Helpful Assessment Websites and Resources


North Carolina State – not the prettiest, but probably the most comprehensive site out there.  If what you need is not here, it will certainly lead you in the right direction.


IUPUI – Indiana University   Purdue University – Indianapolis


Brigham Young University  --  this site has been described as ‘award-winning’


ETS – Major Field Test. Have you considered this as a capstone?


California State University, Fresno – Rubric Library


AAC & U VALUE Rubrics


More on rubrics – this site helps you set to create your own.  Stylus (publisher) has a book on rubrics.


More on rubrics….and lots more!
Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education


Council for Higher Education Accreditation


National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment



IPEDS – College Navigator.  This source was designed to help prospective students locate the best college for themselves.  But you can get great benchmarking information here.


The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)


ALSO:  Visit the sites of your own professional organizations.  They will likely guide you to tools of particular relevance for your discipline.