Meet the Staff

Kirt Robinson, Director of Academic Advising Center
Kirt Robinson is the Director of the Academic Advising Center.  He holds a Master degree in Guidance and Counseling and has over 14 years of higher education experience.  During his tenure in higher education, he has coordinated various advising initiatives, assisted with curricular matters and continues to be a resource to students, faculty, and staff within the Medgar Evers community.
Julie Augustin, Senior Lead Advisor
Ms. Augustin brings over twenty years of Higher Education experience to MEC students. Teaching goal setting and planning tools, she continues to help students achieve their academic and career goals.
Rose Banton, Senior Advisor
Ms. Banton has served MEC in many capacities and currently coordinates SAP Appeals, in addition to serving as a Senior Academic Advisor. She has committed decades of Higher Education service to MEC students and continues to provide the utmost professional services toward academic student success.
Dorothy Beatty, Senior Advisor
Ms. Beatty brings decades of service and a wealth of knowledge in Higher Education and Academic Advising. She is an esteemed alumni of MEC and serves as a Senior Academic Advisor. Ms. Beatty ensures all MEC students are prepared for graduation via her skilled Advising abilities. Ms. Beatty serves the students without reservation thus solidifying their academic goals.

Rhonda Williams, Senior Advisor
Rhonda Williams has earned an A.A./B.A. degree in Psychology and an A.A.S. in Nursing degree here at Medgar Evers College and her M.S.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling from Brooklyn College.  She is a professional Academic Advisor who has served 9 years in the Academic Advising Center and 21 years at Medgar Evers College in various positions, including as an instructor in the Freshman Year Program.  Ms. Williams is dedicated, knowledgeable and caring.
Jemma St. Lawrence, Senior Advisor
Jemma L. St Lawrence has served in AAC for 2 years, previously served in Career Management for 9 years and in the President’s Office, and holds an MS in Organizational Management and Leadership.
Kareen Odate, Lead Advisor
As an Academic Lead Advisor and educator, Ms. Odate remains committed to providing college advisement and advocacy support services to students by fostering their self-empowerment, self-awareness, and self-actualization in both their professional and personal life goals through education.
Georgette Brown, Academic Advisor
MEC alumni AS in Business and BS in Accounting. Ms. Brown has worked for MEC for 16 years, notably. Ms. Brown works closely with students toward achieving their goals in a timely manner. As Alumni, Ms. Brown understands the curriculums from a student perspective, thus providing keen insight to effectively advise MEC students.
Aderinsola Gilbert, Academic STEM Advisor
Ms. Gilbert is a Academic STEM Advisor and liaison to the Physical, Environmental & Computer Science departments. Ms. Gilbert works with MEC students to navigate the rigorous Science and Technology curriculums. Ms. Gilbert works to ensure students comprehend course sequence and preparation for graduate and other terminal degrees, post MEC.
Richard Calder, Academic STEM Advisor
Mr. Calder is an alumni of MEC and has excelled with honors in the BS in Biology degree program. Mr. Calder’s hallmark customer service to MEC students provide for a dynamic advising session, followed by an intense Q&A session. Mr. Calder assures each and every student thoroughly receives  expert services, leading to sustained academic success.
Solwazi Olusola, Academic STEM Advisor
Mr. Solwazi Afi Olusola has served MEC for 18 years, on an array of many levels. As an Academic STEM Advisor, Mr. Olusola coordinates efforts for STEM Waivers, for qualified STEM students. Mr. Olusloa believes in an advising model of “education for liberation”, thus providing an intimate advising platform while successfully advising students across all disciplines.
Jamell S. Brady, Academic STEM Advisor
A by-product of CUNY; an investment in CUNY. Jamell S. Brady personifies the vision of CUNY. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science; Urban Policy and Administration. With 15 years of Higher Education experience, Mr. Brady’s unique, bold and innovative advising techniques have masterfully equipped him to lead the charge in the transformation of MEC students into successful future leaders.
AAC Support Staff
Marjorie Manswell, Administrative  Assistant
S-220; 718-270-5170
Sonji Walker, AAC Office Manager
S-220; 718-270-5170
Shaunakay Morgan, AAC Front Desk
S-220; 718-270-5170
Susan Burnett, AAC Front Desk
S-220; 718-270-5170
Shaquille Miller, AAC Front Desk
S-220; 718-270-5170
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