President, Dr. Rudolph F. Crew

I begin my tenure as President of Medgar Evers College with a profound feeling of excitement and anticipation. I am gratified by the opportunity that lies before me as I return home to a place that holds not only my heart, but also my soul.        

Fifty years ago this year, Medgar Evers died at the hands of an assassin as he fought for many of our basic rights, including the right to a fair and equal opportunity at a decent education. Without the selfless determination of Medgar Evers and many like him who paved the way for me and many others, I would not be here.

I am energized by this vibrant and diverse community that embraces our school and its mission of providing significant higher education opportunities to a population faced with many challenges – the challenges of poverty, unemployment, struggling single parent families, underemployment and limited access to jobs.

Unquestionably, our students are competitive, resourceful, and worthy of an investment that steers them on an early path to achievement and success. Today’s challenging economy and ever-changing global landscape points to the expansion of the College and its capacity to prepare our students for jobs locally and around the world. 

Medgar Evers College is a college of the community.  Our stakeholders are heavily invested in its success and they deserve to see the possibilities of higher education in our community.  By working closely and very early on with our elementary and high schools, we can build a pipeline of students from underserved communities, create programs to develop their strengths as part of an overall strategy to build the pipeline, and motivate them to compete in higher education.

We provide access and opportunities for personal and professional growth, empowerment, employment, and success – all attainable with an education here at Medgar Evers College.

Beyond providing a degree, we must create a framework for networking students into jobs while building their confidence about their rightful entry into the workforce. 

The Medgar Evers College experience is special. Our students deserve our whole-hearted commitment and nothing less.  Faculty continue to contribute to the enormous core of substantive work through a wide variety of scholarship and research projects that bring success and accolades to the school, and staff remain steadfast and focused in their work and dedication to the students.  We are committed to creating and fostering a caring learning environment that involves human caring, high expectations and a connection to the community – ultimately strengthening our College family.

Our size and locale make us exceptionally diverse and vibrant, and we are small enough to provide each student with the personal attention and support they need. It is important for students to see themselves as successful and productive individuals, and our jobs as educators is to help them connect the dots of building a family, career and community.

Looking ahead, we anticipate moving Medgar Evers College along a continuum of growth that includes the reaccreditation of the School of Business, the successful completion of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education report, identification of new and increased opportunities as we work to address the needs of a younger student population, and increased emphasis on the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty.

This is a community deeply committed to the success of the College. We look forward to the future. Along with our faculty, staff and alumni, I am ready and willing to work with our students as full partners in their education, and every step along the way on their journey toward earning their college degrees.

As President of Medgar Evers College, I am excited and invigorated by the possibilities that lie ahead for our students and our school. I look forward to seeing you here.

Yours in service,

Rudolph F. Crew

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